Calm Sea


“ I'm a complete beginner when it comes to yoga, but a bad case of RSI in my wrists and a compressed nerve in my neck (thank you, lockdown laptop-working) meant that classes were somewhat a last resort to relieve the discomfort. After a brief chat with Joy, she reassured me that her classes were accessible, far from intimidating and oh-so gentle. They surpassed my expectations. I'd naively always felt that you had to be super slim and an owner of Lululemon leggings to take part. Absolutely not. Her classes have been a savior during a difficult year. I feel calmer, more centered and my RSI symptoms have eased significantly. But most of all, and a personal one – I'm so proud of what my body can do. Thank you, Joy for giving me a wonderful new hobby and for making me feel so comfortable."

—  Rebecca Martin